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Specialists in Anaerobic Digestion BioMethane Plant Facilities.

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Bio Group exists to make a difference. To reduce greenhouse gas emissions, through a profitable, diverse network of facilities, turning organic food waste into a renewable energy, whilst at the same time creating organic nutrients for application to land as part of the battle against desertification, reducing the need for chemical fertilisers.

Our groundbreaking AD biomethane facilitates, often with a negative carbon footprint - are located in different parts of the country, generating green gas from locally sourced food wastes for injection into the gas grid. Our sites involve and are part of the local community and each new site will have a Visitor & Education Centre, engaging with people, from schoolchildren to grandparents. Our sites stand out as examples of modern workplaces, dispelling myths of traditional waste facilities.

Bio Group will also engage with the community on a different level. As a divisional activity, Bio Group will look to partner with specialist organisations, who work with people in local communities. Fairfield Bio Limited is the first such partnership.

By addressing the issues of greenhouse gases, involvement and engagement with local community and education sectors, Bio Group has a profitable and sustainable business model that will make a difference to all of its stakeholders.

Bio Group is consolidating its leading position, operating an ever increasing number of sites to the highest quality levels, with a well paid, highly motivated workforce, reducing emissions and delivering a growing and sustainable business.



Registered office Unit 6 Basepoint House, 70-72 The Havens, Ransomes Europark, Ipswich, Suffolk, IP3 9SJ. Company registration no. 6019372. Registered in England & Wales.